I heard before that when you feel tired, it’s time to move… to get some more energy. Seems strange, but it actually works!

I felt tired this morning…  lacking focus…  looking at my watch more often then usual. I took a bus on my way home. Too tired to read, I start writing in my journal any thoughts that came in my mind, questions, answers…

I don’t know from where this idea came, but as soon as I got home I decided to make changes in my living room. I looked for a few Feng Shui tips and here I am.. moving around some armchairs, bookshelves… and feeling much better than the whole day!

Advice: When you feel tired, start writing … if you don’t want to move! But if you get an idea, go for it.. it makes you feel so much better! 😉



Gabriela Casineanu, M.Eng, MBA, ACC, ORSC



When you feel tired…
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