happierDay 11:

  • How can you become happier …
  • … without looking for another clown to cheer you up?

In a group I’m part of, there is someone who seems to be constantly unhappy. She’s on a permanent hunt to find new friends because those she was able to make over time were giving up on her, one by one. She seems desperate, not understanding what’s happening.

What she has a hard time to accept though is that looking at her own behaviors might help her solve the puzzle. She’s so focused on finding happiness by relying on others, that she misses one important aspect: happiness comes from within!

It might look like we’re happy when we’re in the presence of someone else for example, but what really happens is that happiness comes from something inside us that resonates with what happened in the presence of the other person. Finding that inner component that resonated, and learning how to reproduce that resonance without that external stimulus is the true seed of happiness. Nurturing it will bring more happiness in our lives.

~ Gabriela



Meeting with yourself: Day 11 (happier)
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