The theory of multiple intelligences was proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983. He suggested eight types on intelligences at that time: Spatial, Linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Bodily-kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Naturalistic. Another one was proposed later on: Existential.

Howard believes that we all have these types of intelligences to a certain extend, but each of us has the potential to develop more some of them. The culture and social environment is important, since it could facilitate or block their development. Which leads to the idea that children shouldn’t be treated the same in schools, or forced to go through the same curriculum. This “treatment” could confuse them, and feel frustrated if they cannot fit into the “normal” behaviour. To some, it might even leave “scars” of low self-esteem and no worthiness, that could affect their whole life. I’ll let you guess which type of intelligences are more taken in consideration in the school curriculum. 🙂

Through my coaching practice, I’ve met many adults who don’t know (or didn’t pay attention to) what are their strengths and talents. When I ask “What would you really love to do?”, some of them recognise they never asked themselves this question! Some are confused, and don’t know how to identify their strengths and talents. No wonder why they are stressed and feel frustrated!

We all can set goals and objectives, but it they are not aligned with who we really are, sooner or later we loose motivation, get stressed and frustrated.

On the other side, those who have the courage to follow their path of heart, their passion, and express themselves through their talents, can always find motivation and ways to move forward toward their vision.

Which one you are? Which one would you like to be?

Life and Professional Coaching could help by facilitating the access to your Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Intelligences, to reveal your strengths and talents. System Coaching helps by tapping into the System’s Intelligence, the relationship you have with the whole System (not just with one System member or another). This is very beneficial in overcoming challenges and moving forward. By System I mean a Relationship(s) System, which could be team, a relationship you have with someone else or … with yourself! Even the relationship you have with your career or business is … a System!

What are your thoughts about all these?


Multiple intelligences, do you know yours?
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