It’s been a while since people start coming to me asking for ideas. As much as I love having so many ideas (great ideas – in their opinion), I love even more to help people develop this ability: to become more creative themselves, to come up with ideas that work best for themselves, for their own situation! When you do that, you’re even more motivated to implement them!

It’s strange though: some people are resisting, not allowing me to help them … my way. 😉 Are you one of them?

For years, we were so well programmed that information is everything!!! That we need more ideas and information that’s out there! “Tell me what to do, please!”, “What do you think?” This way, we get more and more disconnected from our own source, from our intuition… and we feel more dependent of the outside world! And when we run out of ideas… we feel lost!

It’s not an easy process to (re)develop this capacity. Although I never run out of ideas, with all the “work” I’ve done on myself in the last years, I became much more creative on many aspects… not only ideas. It takes time, patience and “work” to reconnect with who you really are, and to become more creative with your own life or business. Would you like to get there?

Do you know what makes you stand out from the crowd?

Gabriela Casineanu

Ideas… would you like some?

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