Don’t know what means “hooking up logical legs to your ideas”? 🙂

During my morning dreams, I get quite often a short expression that suddenly wakes me up wondering what it means. This morning was: “We hook logical legs to our ideas”. Hmmm…

More I think of it, clearer it becomes: how many times we get a great idea that excites us, and a few moments later we start analysing it logically until we discard it because we find reasons! “I can’t do that!” or “I don’t like to talk about myself” or “What will others say?” or “It’s not easy to …” or “I don’t have enough resources!” or “I don’t know to implement it!” (fill in your own reasons!).

So … what happens with that idea that excited us? It gets put aside, forgotten … and we continue with our daily life as if nothing happened. And we wonder why our life is not as excited as we’d like it to be!?

Did it happen to you? It certainly happened to me, several times.

meeting your dream What if, instead of hooking logical legs to our ideas to shut them down, we explore them a little bit more through the lens of curiosity: How will it unfold in our mind? What other information it will brings to us? How will inform us about the first step to take toward achieving it? After we take that step, how is it informing us about the next step… and the next… until we get to implement that idea while still enjoying this process?

What if that idea is there to take us on a better life journey?

Do you have a great idea or dream that you’d like to make happen? Bring it back to your mind, and write in the comments below what could be the first action to take … to get you a little closer to implementing your idea! Then take it! 🙂



Do you hook up logical legs to your ideas?
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