We complain about one thing or another, day after day. It’s very easy to see what we don’t like, but it takes a strong will and real effort to look at things from a different perspective … and do something that helps us individually, as human race and the entire Earth.

I watched these CNN videos about Maggy (links below), mother of thousands of orphans who gathered the resources to build for them Maison Shalom (House of Peace) with school, hospital, cinema and pool. MaggyIt’s a contemporary story still unfolding, having its roots in the Burundi’s Civic War. While different ethnic groups were killing each other, and the hate was spreading out, Maggy turned to love for every human being (no matter religion or ethnicity), gathering together, protecting and growing civil war orphans. Her dream of building a new generation who loves and respects each other, that will prevent future conflicts, is inspiring!!!
All the International prizes she received along the years are a small token of appreciation for what she does for the future of humanity, because her actions affects all of us … directly or indirectly.

I also love how she challenges our way of thinking about helping what we call “poor people”, and about labels we put to separates us from each other (labels who instill animosity or hate).

After hearing her story, how important are the little things we complain about each day?! 🙂
They might have some importance, but focusing only on what we don’t like prevents us from finding more meaning for our own life and others, and take action upon it.

The CNN videos about Margueritte Barankitse (Maggy), about 20 min. in total:
Caring for Burundi’s Civil War Orphans
School teacher to mother of hundreds
Promoting a peaceful future for Burundi

Challenging our thinking …
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