I’ve recently started a new meetup group “Introverts from inside-out”. up the tree perspective_m I’m not playing the coach role in this group, just organizing it, and be myself during the group discussions (unless I do a workshop or presentation). Well, little did I know what I was about to discover! 🙂

Through this meetup, beside being my way of giving back to community, I wanted to connect with other introverts, and get an idea on how I could better enable introverts to live a more fulfilling life. Sounds like a good idea, right?!

With the 2nd monthly meeting, I’ve started to realize how challenging this new adventure is… for me! 🙂 From coming up with new meetup ideas that attract more introverts to such a group … to organizing and facilitating meetings that actually help the participants, and encourage them to come again. From dealing with people having “I know it all” attitude, or thinking they’re doing well (while, in fact, having lots of limiting beliefs & no openness to others’ ideas) … to people feeling menaced when I share my thoughts. 🙂 Well, that makes a good playground for me, to practice more what I preach. 🙂

Yet, the biggest challenge for me is to stick with organizing this meetup for a while, since I’m someone who loves to start new projects, then pass them on to others! Which is not quite a bad idea, but this time I just want to build my “muscle” of keep going … even when I get tired of putting energy and resources in a specific project. Masochism?! 🙂 Not at all! As soon as I get this “muscle” strong enough (according to my scale), I can move on … and choose in future situations if I want to use its strength or not. It’ll become a matter of choice depending on the situation or project, instead of going on autopilot with my default behaviour.

In fact, each of these challenges helps me overcome some internal barriers (if I don’t give up), so these challenges are … opportunities in disguise! 🙂

Do you have a project in mind, and encounter some challenges? Feeling intimidated by them? Why not treat them as opportunities to grow?! How would that feel instead, knowing that you’re tackling new opportunities that’ll take you closer to accomplishing your goal or project?

I’m pretty sure that by raising up to the challenges we encounter, we in fact get closer to what we want to achieve. 🙂

What do you think?



Challenge or opportunity?
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