I was riding my bike this evening, and found an analogy between a business behavior and biking. 🙂 bike
Recently I was asked to help a business that faces some challenges. The manager complains very often, not leaving much space for proper actions to be taken.
I’m wondering if that manager ever used a bicycle or knows why we can stand on a bike while pedalling, and move forward!? 🙂
Because if he does, he would know that:
1. You have to start pedalling – meaning take action, in order to grow the business (not just loose your precious time complaining)
2. You’ll need to make steering adjustments to take you in the right direction – adjust your actions to move toward your goals.

Should I suggest him to use the bicycle instead of tread mill?! 🙂 Because life, and business, is not moving in a strait line!

Don’t you think the same analogy applies to all those who always find something to complain about? 🙂

Business viewed from a bicycle perspective 🙂
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