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I don’t ask too many questions, but I love to answer some… from time to time. For this question, my answer was chosen the best one, and I thought it might be useful to other people as well.

Question asked by Mary Agnes A. Social Media Strategist | Online Marketing | Web Copy | Copywriter | Blogger |

How do you take care of yourself, despite a busy schedule and full career?

My answer:

If you don’t take care of yourself, who does? 😉 I recognize that taking care of myself is as important as a busy schedule and full career, so I schedule time with… myself (when I do what I want)!
I pay attention to how I feel, so I take a beak when I need to “recharge my batteries” (even a small break is good). To be proactive, I use the week-ends to go for a walk in nature (that has a great effect on me). I also love what I do in my professional life, so the busy schedule it’s not a chore… it’s captivating. I alternate tasks, even the hobbies, so I don’t get bored. 😉

Gabriela Casineanu
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