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Some people prefer workshops to learn something new. Are you one of them?

Some workshops are focused on bringing into your awareness new perspectives that enrich your day to day life, and help you focus on what’s more important.

Other workshops are building your skill-set with new “tools” and strategies to help you overcomes different challenges.

But what they all have in common is the interactive facilitation (based on coaching concepts and techniques) that will make you an active participant who gets personalized insights and solutions depending on your own unique situation.

All workshops are highly interactive and presented in a relaxed atmosphere.

Upcoming workshops

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Previous workshops

  • Moving your career forward
    How your thoughts affect your job results
    Moving your career forward
    Attitudes for Effective Communication
    Using Social Media for a more effective job search
    Using Linkedin to Enhance Your Career
  • People interested in improving their relationships
    Improve Professional & Personal Relationships with System Thinking
    Happiness Comes from Within
    Deepening Connections
    Breaking Barriers to Relationships
    Relationships as a Spiritual Path
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners
    How your Limiting Beliefs Affect your own Business
    Using Social Media for Business Growth
    Answers to Small Business Challenges
    Connecting the Dots

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