I don’t know about you, but I always had many ideas. And they didn’t slow down in time, on the contrary! 🙂 In the past, I was puzzled when someone suddenly stopped talking to me, but a good friend helped me realize what was happening: I was dumping too many ideas at once, and some people felt overwhelmed and withdraw.
Ouch, that hurt! But I had to admit that it might be true. So I adjusted by either withdrawing or holding back on some my ideas when I talk to someone. Neither of these is easy, but I have to accept that not everyone might be ready or willing to hear my ideas.
To make things worse, I believe that sometimes I get ideas way ahead of the moment they’re ready to be manifested into this world.
I started to combine my photos and text in 2009, creating the first photo-coaching album. A few liked it, while some reacted with “you can’t combine images with text, it diminishes the image value”. Or “there are too many images in it, it’s overwhelming”. Yet, a year after Instagram came up and start talking over the world.

Yesterday I published that photo-coaching album as a Kindle book, on Amazon, under the title: Meeting With My Self: Self-Coaching Questions That Invite Wisdom In. Today, while reading the reviews received, one phrase hit me: “I’ve read Gabriela’s first book, which I loved, and this is a great companion.”
Oh, that’s why I had a hard time getting that album out in 2009!

Nothing seemed to work over the years to help it reach more people! I became so frustrated, that I almost gave up. After publishing my first book (end of June), this little gem nagged me to help it get out into the world. And I did: in half a day it reached #1 in three categories on Amazon and got the #1 New Release banner. The reviews received almost made me cry, realizing how well it is received this time, and that my instructions – on how to use it – work!

Many things happened since I last send you a message, but now it’s time to turn toward you:
• Which of your ideas frustrates you because it’s not manifested yet?
• What do you need to let go of that frustration, trusting that the right opportunity will show up when it’s time to manifest that idea?

Cheers! 🙂

PS1: If you’re interested to see why people left those 31 five stars reviews so far, you can either buy this book or take advantage of the 2-days promotion (August 16th & 17th) to download it for free. It is a very short book, but its power consists in the experience it creates, not in the number of pages or words: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074QV64FQ