freedomDay 7:

  • On which side of the fence would you like to be?
  • Inside, governed by the limitations imposed by others?
  • Or outside, free to explore the world and create the life you want?

This is not an invitation to quit your job if you don’t want to, or you’re not ready … yet! 🙂

It’s more an invitation to free your mind. What others do or say it’s based on their own assumptions and beliefs. Taking most (or everything) in without passing through your own filter will only create new inner barriers. Nobody knows better than you who you really are, how you think and what you want. Do your best in the current situation while keeping your mind focused on your own goals. Allowing yourself to get absorbed by a stressful situation won’t help anyone, it could even lead to burnout.

The mind is free to wonder, while you feel trapped in a situation. Use your mind power to build up the energy required to open up opportunities to freedom.

What stresses you about a current situation? How will you put to use what I’ve said above?

~ Gabriela

Meeting with yourself: Day 7 (freedom)

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