friendsDay 25:

  • Do you have friends? 
  • Do you connect with people who are going in the same direction, and supporting you? 
  • Or do you surround yourself with those who keep you stuck or drain your energy?

When you decide to improve your life and start taking actions in the new direction, it’s important to be surrounded by supportive people. Some of the friends you already have might not understand your new behaviors and decisions or might not agree with them. And that’s totally ok! You can’t do much about what they think or do anyway.

But if you feel they’re keeping you stuck in the lifestyle you want to leave behind, or your energy gets drained while spending time with them as before, you do have choices:

  • let them know your interests have changed (tying this to a bigger purpose might help), while still loving and supporting them when needed
  • spend less (quality) time with them, while focusing more on your new direction
  • find new people with similar interests to develop new friendships, or at least inspire and support each other while moving forward on this new path.

What do you think?

~ Gabriela


Meeting with yourself: Day 25 (friends)
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