parents follow dreams?

Day 1:

  • Our parents taught us what they knew about life, the best they could.
  • Were they happy? Were they successful? Did they follow their dreams? If not, do you want to continue to live your life based on those principles and beliefs?
  • Which are still valid in today’s world? And which are not?
  • What action will you take today based on the insights triggered by these questions?


I received a private message on facebook, which made me think that I should clarify more what I meant by the content of Day 1:
These questions are not an invitation to rebel against our parents. They simply are an invitation to reflect upon your principles and beliefs formed at an early stage and evaluate which ones are still valid for you today. If you find some that don’t serve you anymore, isn’t a change required?
I dissociate a person from what the person says. Whether I agree or disagree with what my parents said, I still respect, love and honor the person.
As an adult, when I don’t agree with someone it simply means that I reflected upon that information through the filter of my own thinkings and, according to my current situation, I decide to not take in consideration what was said (or only a part of it). The respect for the person, as a human being, is still there. 
Feel free to comment below if these questions make your mind wonder.
Let’s make a better world together, starting with ourselves!

See you tomorrow! 🙂


PS: Starting today, I’ll challenge you daily with a question or concept to shake your life a little bit … maybe it gets better! 🙂 The first 45 days will capture my photos and questions featured in the photo-coaching album “Meeting with Yourself”.

Meeting With Yourself: Day 1 (parents and us)

2 thoughts on “Meeting With Yourself: Day 1 (parents and us)

  • December 8, 2016 at 8:29 am

    Most meaningful are also those small talks with grandparents like those with our parents when were not in hurry – somehow coached us, prepped us for the real life, and gave us their hearths…

    They were successful in our eyes and they were not successful for the others… but we have only those moments, principles, beliefs, and memories when in the hardest or just this is the life… when in the hardest those principles guide us or help us to make the next step, to stop, to switch, to find a hand, or be ….

    Are still valid, yes for ones, no for others…

    What action… ? tell you tomorrow 🙂

    • December 8, 2016 at 10:16 am

      Thanks for your comment, Mira! Great that you have so many good memories and principles to warm your heart when it’s tough.
      My questions were only an invitation to evaluate which beliefs are still valid (and keep), and which aren’t (adjust or replace).
      Waiting to hear about your action … 🙂


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