water flowDay 4:

  • The water knows its intention and is not afraid to jump, going with the flow.
  • Are you?
  • Are you ready to “jump” on a good opportunity, learn from it, constantly adjusting your path to achieving your goals?


When I ask my clients what they want and what stopped them from taking steps to get there, the response is often: “Well, life got in the way.”

Have you noticed how a river finds its way to flow into a bigger river or the sea? No matter what obstacles are in the way, the river always finds a way to go with the flow and fulfill its mission.

You may bump into obstacles in life, but you can either transform them into opportunities … or look around for a way to overcome them. Could it be that obstacles are there to help us become more creative problem-solvers on the path of achieving what we want?!

What do you think? 🙂

~ Gabriela

Meeting with yourself: Day 4 (flow)

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