end results question challengeDay 2:

What’s more important to you:

  1. The end result?
  2. Or the person you become in the process of getting it?


I look around and see people being frustrated because that they didn’t get yet the results they expect.

The first option keeps you from enjoying the journey (which could fuel your motivation to continue). And without motivation, you might not get enough energy to continue … jeopardizing the end result, or becoming even more frustrated if the results are not the expected ones.

The second option helps you focus on the little progress you can make each day, becoming grateful for your evolution. Even if you end up somewhere else, acknowledging your evolution along the way is still something to appreciate … isn’t it?!

If all these made you think, what would you like to tell to yourself when you find yourself frustrated?

~ Gabriela

Meeting With Yourself: Day 2 (end results)

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