group coaching
These are small coaching groups with up to 8 participants, so you can get more clarity on what you’d like to work on.

We’ll create a safe, empathetic and compassionate environment, that motivates and inspires you to move forward.

I offer two types of Group Coaching:

  • Wheel of Life

Focused on topics chosen by the entire group, either related to one area of the Wheel of life or how to harmonize them: Relationships (family/ friends), Career, Health, Money, Environment, Personal development, Hobbies. I’ll guide you through experiential and self-reflection exercises that will help you get insights about what you need to move forward.

  • HEAL your inner child to ENJOY LIFE more

A series of exercises that help participants to heal the wounds of their inner child, to set them free to see the life from a totally different, empowering perspective. Enjoy Life _inner child_mThe exercises are based on John Bradshaw’s New York Times Best Seller “Homecoming:  Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child”. 

At the beginning of each series, participants create a set of rules as guidelines to help them have the best experience in a group setting. Confidentiality is always part of these rules.

The bonus you’ll get from the group sessions is the accountability and buddy systems we put in place, to support you along the way.

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