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Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search

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“This book is the comprehensive guide to the entire process of searching for a job, written specifically to introverts. Gabriela leaves no stone unturned as she explores the specifics of the introvert psychology, invites the reader to a new depth of self-knowledge, and lays the foundation for the job search project from the mindset to the mundane (but extremely important). As an introvert reader of this excellent volume, I felt my confidence growing with each page as I better understood my strengths, and how to manage my limitations.” Tad Frizzell

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The atmosphere created by this book, the calm yet optimistic and reassuring tone gives one the feeling that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I like the most the “wheel of life”. I’ve always found difficult to sort out through all my thoughts, and this has helped me channel my wants and needs into clear goals. Also, the idea of looking forward and adding intermediate steps between the job I want and the one I can get now was extremely efficient and helpful to put aside the fear of not being able to fulfill my potential. I believe this book is helpful to everyone searching for a job or looking to upgrade their career.” ~ Cristian Udrea, P.Eng, PMP

“Gabriela Casineanu has shared wisdom gained from years of experience successfully coaching and guiding introverts to leverage their strengths and desires into a fulfilling new job. Her insightful questions help broaden the perspective beyond “how to get a job” into a better ‘how to get what is right for you.” She has blended the specific tactics within the larger framework of your life. I already know several people who will benefit from her work – and some are extroverts too!” Deborah Galuk, PhD, OwnItNow.net

“A treasure trove of information and inspiration for the introverted job seeker! Being an introvert and in the job market myself, I found that this book really resonates with my own inherent struggles in this process. The book is definitely high value and a must read for anyone in the job market, let alone introverts. Five stars!”  Juanita R Jones, Project Management Professional

I have been a big fan of this book ever since I read the first chapter. I love the fact that it is not your ordinary “be motivated – find your dream job just by dreaming about it” book – instead it’s a hands-on practical book with excellent exercises that really answers your questions about your aptitudes, capabilities, strategies and most importantly your career. And it’s a greatly structured book- each part is a great complement to others and offers more and more pieces to a puzzle in a unique and efficient way. I loved the wheel of job search – this is the part that actually opens your eyes towards a new approach in job search instead of the classic “send resume, wait for a reply”. And when you think this is great, here come the actual job strategies! I wish someone taught me these strategies in high school- what works, what doesn’t work, what is a great fit for each individual personality. Yes, they are that good! Let’s face it – we do need to learn how to look for a job that will truly contribute to our career and to our happiness, and Gabriela writes in such a way that you think the book is really written with a special dedication to you. What I learned helped me tremendously with my job search – I applied a few strategies I thought were best suited for me and in the end, I stood out in a pool of applicants and ended up obtaining that great job.~ Natalia Bantiuc

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With several career changes under my belt (Engineering, IT, Quality Assurance, Coaching, Adult Training, Program Coordination, Art, Business) and over 1200 people helped through coaching and employment counseling, I fully embraced the idea of writing this book seven months ago (while I was going through tough times).

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