Gabriela CasineanuHi, I’m Gabriela.

An introvert myself, I navigated successfully many life challenges (divorce, single mom, settling in a new country, career changes, financial issues, entrepreneurship … to name a few). Since my career change from Engineering to Coaching in 2006, I helped thousands of people improve their lives.

Why do I love to work with introverts?

We connect at a deeper level, making it easier to help them turn every situation into a self-discovery & learning opportunity, and to come up with their own solutions. In a society that appreciates more the extroverted behavior, I’m on a mission of building a better world by tapping into introverts’ wisdom and talents. The introverts have a lot to offer to this world. We only need to find our way to navigate through it with integrity and authenticity. I found my way, now I’m ready to lend a hand to other introverts.

Applying coaching to myself sharpened my intuition and increased my creativity in all aspects of my life (including artistic expressions). The daily meditation practice I have since 2007 helped me become more serene, and enjoying life even more. Happy with no reason is almost my normal state. Yes, there are situations that take me out of balance, but I look at them as healing and learning opportunities that help me on my path.

I love nature, photography, outdoors activities (hiking, skiing, biking), dancing, visiting sacred places, the Holographic Universe concept and … wearing that turquoise ski jacket. 🙂


Curious about my credentials?

  • Certified Coach by International Coach Federation in 2008
  • Trained in Co-Active Coaching and Organisation & Relationship Systems Coaching by two prestigious coach training schools from USA
  • Masters in Electronics Engineering and Business Administration.

Yes, I quit the corporate world and an Engineering position to embark on the path of heart! It was my personal choice.

Still want to know more? 🙂

I have a broad experience and knowledge in Coaching (individuals, teams), Program Coordination, Workshop Design and Facilitation, Marketing and Communications (including social media), Engineering, Business, Quality Assurance and IT Programming. But what I enjoy most is to creatively combine my skills, expertise, and intuition to better serve my clients, based on their specific needs and situations.

I’m fluent in English, French, and Romanian. Yep, I’m from Romania and live in Canada since 2003.

Besides my formal coaching training, I went to a lot of self-growth workshops (paying thousands of dollars, ouch!). Some people might say that it was a waste of money, but I consider this a complementary learning that I needed to become who I am now. I learned a lot from those highly experiential workshops, that’s why I’m so passionate about learning through life or self-driven experiences, and I design my workshops the same way. In those workshops, I had also my first spiritual experiences that lead to powerful trips to places like the pyramids plateau in Egypt and Machu Picchu in Peru. If you’re familiar with the chakra system that Yoga talks about, did you know that mother Earth has also main and secondary chakras, places that have a special, powerful energy? No wonder why they are so well known in the world and are considered sacred places.

I like to give back to the community too:

  • Organizer of the “Introverts from Inside-Out” Meetup
  • Founder and President of first “English-French Toastmasters” Club in Toronto
  • Created and led the Active JET Toronto group
  • Delivered free workshops and motivational speeches to clients of non-profit organizations
  • President of Romanian Business Networking Society
  • Participated in three United Way CN Tower Climb/ Fundraising campaigns
  • Fed homeless people on Canada Day
  • Mentored newcomers through the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership Program
  • Member of Advisory Committee of TRIEC PIN’s initiative.

Read about some of my less normal experiences here (and I didn’t write about my fire walking yet) 🙂

In parallel with coaching, I start exploring more my artistic side. I became a juried artist and grant recipient of Ontario Arts Council in 2011. You can see here some of my artistic expressions: 

Metaphors: A photo project representing my emotional journey after I lost a job, presented at CONTACT Photography Festival 2012. (click image to see the project preview)

Visual Representations of Spiritual Concepts: My intuitive finger paintings, each inspired by a spiritual concept. Presented as a solo exhibition in 2015.  (click image to see the project preview)

The blog about my artistic expressions. Didn’t do a great job updating it, but I’ll find time for that too.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Questions? Comments? Send me a message.