There are three types of services I offer, to help introverts like you:

1-on-1 Coaching For Authors Workshops
career coaching workshop introvert

1-on-1 Coaching offers a customized approach, specific to your situation. Since each introvert is unique and has specific challenges, we’ll start with getting more clarity about your situation, what you’d like to let go and what to bring more into your life. With each session, we’ll go deeper into identifying and removing inner blockages (negative emotions and limiting beliefs accumulated in the past), motivate and inspire you to take the appropriate actions that propel you further. Most of the coaching happens between the sessions, so you’ll need to take actions based on the insights you get from each session to increase the sessions’ effectiveness and move you forward. Testimonials …

Services For Authors:

  • Getting more clarity on your book topic, content, title, cover
  • Decision making by tapping into your intuition (inner wisdom)
  • Customized DIY Marketing Plan (online & offline)
  • Remove writer’s block
  • Tech Tips & Graphic Design
  • Webinars on author specific topics

Testimonials from authors

Workshops for Introverts, highly interactive, are focused on specific topics related to introverts’ challenges. They are usually two hours long, and you’ll leave with an action plan on how to tackle that challenge.

What clients say about Gabriela’s facilitation style:

“Gabriela engaged the group in a thought-provoking series of interactive exercises that help us see the effects of our thought processes on our job search, and how we can change our ways of thinking to improve our results! She involved everyone in the session, and helped us to see connections (e.g. between positive/ negative thoughts and positive/ negative outcomes) that we may have previously missed.”
Stephen Beaupre, Employment Counselor

“I invited Gabriela to run a system coaching workshop for the Fellows at the School for Social Entrepreneurs – Ontario. Gabriela was a complete professional – from preparing materials in advance of the session to thoroughly debriefing techniques as well as providing additional follow-up materials for the Fellows. Her abilities as a strong facilitator and educator were well-noted by the cohort. Gabriela is highly capable at demystifying systems-thinking in relation to the group and organizational dynamics. The techniques that she shared were practical, grounded in lived experience, and encouraged adaptation to context.”
Omar Ramroop, Director of Learning, The School for Social Entrepreneurs – Ontario

More testimonials …

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