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Hi, I’m Gabriela.

Welcome on my website!

If you’re an introvert, first time here, you’ll find on this page on overview of the services and products I offer to help you navigate life’s challenges more smoothly, and bring more happiness into your life.

Wondering what’s the difference between the different services I offer? Read below the table.



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1-on-1 Coaching

  • You might choose to get this service if you’re committed to overcoming the challenges you’re facing right now. You’ll get more clarity about where you’re heading on in your life and how to remove the roadblocks staying in the way of living a happier, more meaningful life.
  • We’ll combine ideas, techniques and bring your own magic into the mix to help you find your own solutions. Yes, you do have magic! And the techniques and concepts I’ll share with you will pave the road to a place when the magic begins (where you’ll get inspired to find solutions to your own solutions)!
  • This is the most customized service I offer, since we’ll focus each session on real topics and challenges that are the most important to you to address right now, and you’ll be an active participant in the process.
  • There are only a few spots available for this type of service.

Group Coaching

These are series of 8 sessions offered to a small group of people (up to 8). I’m creating a safe space through interactive and experiential exercises that help participants get insights on the chosen topic.

I offer two types of Group Coaching:

  • Focused on topics chosen by the entire group, usually one of the categories of the Wheel of life.
  • A series of exercises that help participants to heal the wounds of their inner child, to set them free to see the world from a totally different, empowering perspective.

At the beginning of each series, participants create a set of rules as guidelines to help them have the best experience in a group setting. Confidentiality is always part of these rules.


Each workshop is focused on a theme, and you’ll learn concepts and tools that you can start applying right away to make positive changes in your life.
The workshops are fun, experiential and inviting to self-reflexion, helping you to learn not only new “tools” and strategies for your “Toolbox”, but also getting great insights specific to your situation.

Although I use many of these concepts and methods in the individual sessions (based on the specific topics we’re working on), I don’t usually have the time to cover all of them. So the workshops complement very well the 1-on-1 coaching.

They are usually 2 hours long, and participants can pick and choose which workshop they want.

Courses (coming soon)

These are longer online courses designed for those who like to learn at their own pace.

Besides information, the courses include many exercises based on the techniques I’m using in individual & group coaching or in workshops. To get the most out of these courses, the student must work through the exercises to integrate the learning and get new insights. Otherwise, the information gets diluted in time (we’re bombarded by new information every day), and the expected results might not show up.

I’m currently developing a course for introverts, to help them better understand themselves and find their own way into a world that appreciates more the extroverted behaviour. Staying true to yourself has more benefits long term then when we adopt an extroverted behaviour to get by.

Let’s get started! 🙂

Looking forward to meeting you!

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