labyrinthWalking aimlessly a few days ago (trying to stay away from the sunny sides of the streets), I ended up in the Trinity Square beside the Eaton Centre. Since I love walking that labyrinth, I decided to give it try to see what I come up with this time.

Approaching a turn, it suddenly hit me how much our life journey resembles to walking a labyrinth:

1. Sometimes you can see ahead on the path, you can make plans and even accelerate your pace if you want.

2. Other times, with a (sudden) direction change coming up you’ll need to slow down, so you can gradually accept it, and adjust yourself to the new direction.

3. Each turn you take while walking a labyrinth forces you to look at surroundings from a different perspective! Did you notice this in life too? Or you keep yourself busy moving ahead?! (in which case you might miss some new perspectives and opportunities)

4. Have you ever think that you’re going through the same situation you’ve been through some time ago, and you know what to expect? Well, it’s an impression you can also get by walking the labyrinth. Although you think you know where you’re heading to with each turn, it might not be what you think … but still taking you further toward your final destination. Same in life: it might look like the same situation, but it’s (at least slightly) different because: you’re not the same as you were last time (you evolved since), you or the other could be in a different mood now (which could cause a different reaction), there are new perspectives to consider and explore, the conditions could also be different… so you shouldn’t expect the same results!

I found that this pattern shows up often in relationships: people refusing to bring a topic in a discussion because they believe they know the other’s person reaction. But is this really true?! It could, only if you approach the situation with the same perspective you approached it before, and the other does the same. But there are many other approaches to consider, aren’t they? And if you change your approach, chances are the other will change his too. Wanna try? 🙂


With the health issues I had recently (voice problems, physical and emotional fatigue), I HAD to slow down! My body was crying for attention to a point that it didn’t give me any other choice. Well, it gave me before, but I somehow dismissed them. Did it happen to you too: to not pay attention to your body signals until you have now other choices?

Little I knew that, in fact, it was also preparing me for a new direction. Because I took the time to rest and eat well, start exercising, the symptoms fade gradually. What came along was a stronger desire to move forward toward a direction I dismissed in the past: getting my certification in Organisational & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC). It was a desire that I put on the back of my mind in 2009, right after I took the ORSC courses and fell in love with System thinking. I’m using ORSC concepts and techniques in every session or workshop I did since … but guess what: I’m happy to report that now I’m registered for my ORSC Certification program that starts mid-September. Yahoooo!!!! 🙂

Just the simple act of registering for this program gave me thrills and something to hang on to recover more quickly! And, yes, I did! I’m so excited that I’ll finally do it, that new interesting ideas popped up in mind. I’ll tell you about them next time. 🙂

Now I’d like to leave you with two questions (leave your answer in the comments section below):

1. What did you ignore from a long time, a desire that gave you thrills the first time when you thought about it? What actions can you take today/ this week to get you closer?

2. What body symptoms do you ignore for quite some time? They might have a message for you. Do you “listen”?


PS1: I walked a lot the last two months, and I thought of you when I saw the full moon at Harbourfront. I hope you’ll enjoy this short video I made out of my photos:

PS2: During my ORSC certification I’m taking on 5 new relationship system clients, at a very special rate. If you know relationships that might benefit from some additional help, could you please pass the word out? Thank you!

A relationship system client is any system of two or more people who have something in common, for example: family members (spouses, parent-teenager), business partnership, friendship, teams, etc.

Organisational & Relationship Systems Coaching

(ORSC) is an advanced coaching for individuals, groups & organizations that tap into the Relationship Systems Intelligence™ to get more positive results. ORSC is the only relationships coaching program accredited by International Coach Federation.

What do you learn from a labyrinth?
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