In a civilized, modern world, we could expect more people to be healthy because we know more than our grandparents … don’t we?!
Yet, you might have already noticed by now that knowing and doing are totally different “animals”. 🙂 Knowing something doesn’t automatically brings the benefits that implementing that knowledge does.
Many people crave for more healthy food, and lifestyle options, but I’d like to bring to your attention one of the choice factors that’s in your power on: time!
What time has to do with health?
Here’s my take on it:walking
1. We sometimes think we don’t have time to exercise, walk, relax or sleep enough … we’re too busy. But what’s price of that way of thinking?
By not allowing our body to get what it needs (more fresh air, better blood circulation, muscles relaxation, regeneration), we put even more stress on our body that will lead to (more) health problems.
2. Meditation is not doing … nothing! It’s a way to clear your mind of thoughts and reconnect with your inner self, that “place” from where great ideas and suggestions are coming from, along with peace of mind, a sense of security and even healing!
Yet, we’re too busy to chase all these in the outside world … leading to less time and energy to spend on actions that could keep our body healthy.
3. Our busyness (believing that we have so much to do in such a short time) leads to stress, stress leads to poor food choices … which have an impact on our health!
4. There are people who do much more in the same amount of time (24 hours a day), without having more health problems. How do they do that?
Beside maybe a better time management, they choose to do what they’re passionate about. This brings them more energy and, along with adjusting activities according to their energy level during the day, leads to better results. That extra energy comes from reconnecting with their true self, where the main source of energy is coming from … not from food. Did you notice that you tend to eat more and less healthy when you’re unhappy?!

Let me know if you’d like to share my way of staying healthy, while not “stealing” time from other important activities.

What do YOU do to not trade your health for time?

Trading Health for Time
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