Looking back, we can always find a better name for an experience we went through. So was the case with my photo exhibition “Metaphors”.
Back in November 2012 I was asked to name and describe this exhibition, to be registered for the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival 2013. I didn’t even have the photos at that time, just an idea!
The exhibition (1-31 May, 2013) turned out to be a good “picture” of my emotional journey last year, with images reflecting different emotions and states of mind I’ve been through. Some even called it an universal journey. Yours to say if it is! 🙂
I’ve wrote this poem based on that experience, and to correspond with the images of exhibition “Metaphors” (words in bold became image titles):

The Journey
by Gabriela Casineanu

The day I was told I didn’t have a job any more, my heart fell into pieces
Obviously, a wind of change was blowing …
… but the uncertainty was overwhelming.
To be honest, I wanted to escape for a long time …
… but going into the unknown was scary.
I was longing for light
… and now struggling with going with the flow.
Throwing some light into the darker corners of my soul
… and overcoming past shadows
… a burst of joy came suddenly to the surface.
It was time to embrace the new path opening for me, wherever it takes me.
I put to work my strengths, will and talents, to stand out
… and enjoy
… my rebirth.
And with perseverance
… to crack the twilight zone toward a better future!

What do you think? 🙂

PS: A short video I’ve created based on the photos from the opening reception of the exhibition “Metaphors”, at Le labo, Distillery District Toronto:

The journey …

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