Since the Creation Process became more clear to me while writing my morning pages today, I put this process in a flowchart and here it is! 🙂
It might look similar, but there are differences between the Creation process and the process of Achieving Goals: in the Creation process actions are taken based on inspiration and mindfulness (paying attention to opportunities around us) that guide us toward the next step, not the step based on preconceived ideas of what should be done. Many people expect to know each step of the process before they start, and if they don’t … they don’t even start or get stuck. The Creation Process is more liberating, since it doesn’t assume that you need to know all the steps from the beginning – it is based on trusting that you’ll figure out step by step how to get what or where you want.

Gabriela Casineanu – Thoughts Designer

PS: Thanks LucidChart for creating such an awesome app for designing charts!

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The Creation Process

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