In a recent coaching session, the topic was “Keeping the momentum”. The client identified a pattern, and wanted to understand what was happening: “I’m very good in starting a project, but something gets in the way and I cannot keep the momentum!”. Yes, her motivation to reach her goal was still alive, but …

When we start exploring this topic, a limiting belief came to the surface: she loves spontaneity, but not… the discipline! “It blocks my mind!”, she said.

Blocking her mind was the Effect of not liking the discipline, not a valid Cause for rejecting it.

When she realized the positive aspects of discipline and its role in achieving his goals, she became more open to using it… even creative in finding ways to use it more often! Suddenly, keeping the momentum didn’t seem a problem anymore.

The session made me think: “Keeping the momentum until we reach our goal is a dance between spontaneity and discipline”.

They both are important: Discipline (focus on our goal, taking the right actions, keep distractions away), and Spontaneity (adjusting the path according to the new elements that come our way, to maintain the direction)! If we have a limiting belief that’s blocking one of them or both, no wonder why it’s hard to reach our goals… or impossible.

What helps you to keep the momentum?

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Spontaneity and Discipline
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