imageAt least that’s what my client found out at the end of the coaching session. I should’ve added “holding on and not expressing your opinions”, because that was the case with my client.

The part of herself that wanted to speak up got burried deep inside, and expressed sometimes through a lot of anger and physical tension in certain muscles. When that part was invited to speak up during the session, “she” took the form of a little girl of 8 years old who went from “I hate you”, to saying what was wrong (“she” was not allowed to speak up all these years)… to accepting to be caressed… hugged… design a new way to handle this from now on … smiling … and leaving to go out and play. During the session my client went from very nervous and mentally tired at the beginning … to tapping furiously with her feet… crying several times in the process… and was very calm and relaxed at the end, after reemerging with that part of herself that she shut down long time ago.


Shutting down a part of yourself…

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