I love how life brings me opportunities when I reach out for … something else! 🙂

Since I don’t have yet the confidence to create a press release, I reached out to someone I know asking for help. Being on vacation, she quickly replied that she can’t help me now, but gave me another idea: to contact Choq-FM, since they usually accept guests speakers.

That’s what I did next! And frankly, I’m quite happy that she pointed me in that direction!

Choq-FM, the only French radio in Toronto, accepted to interview me on my book topic Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search. Yippee! 🙂

It happened on July 18th, and it went pretty well … although I need to practice speaking at a slower pace. In case you wonder: yes, I do speak French. 🙂 

I was able to get the same day the link to my interview. They posted it on their website and I shared it on my social media profiles. I loved when Marie-France LeFort, a bilingual facilitator and MBTI certified consultant, shared the link on her Facebook profile, adding “Interesting thoughts in this interview with the author Gabriela Casineanu”! That instantly gave a boost to my book credibility … and mine! 🙂

And it didn’t stop there. Choq-FM invited me last week for two more interviews on various topics. They’ll be broadcasted in August and September. And since my book is so comprehensive, I was able to refer to its content several times during these interviews. Isn’t that cool?! To have a book that applies to more situations that it was initially written for?

I guess Choq-FM likes my point of view since they invited me for another interview next week. Let’s see where this one goes. 🙂

If you understand French, this is the link to the interview about my book:


Now, my question for you:

How often do you reach out to ask for what you want?

Try it more, and be open to the opportunities that open up even if they’re not what you’re asking for!



Opportunities: my interview at Choq-FM radio
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