let goDay 9:

  • What are you willing to let go to welcome new things into your life?
  • To be ready for success and happiness?

With all the things available these days, we think we need to take more and more in: new clothes, new information, new behaviors, new … …

If you want all that, but wonder how you’ll be able to get it, you’re not the only one. The secret is letting go!

The Universe loves “empty spaces”, so when you let go of something you allow something new to come into your life.

Let go of clothes you don’t use anymore, of information and behaviors that don’t serve you anymore, of the past (after learning its lessons) …

Imagination, intuition, consistency and hard work can never be replaced by any information and “thing” that you can find outside yourself. Focusing on learning more and more will only distract you from these. Let go of wanting to learn and apply every new bit of information available, believing that it’ll make you successful.

Letting go is one of the processes that welcomes more happiness into your life. Have you tried it?

~ Gabriela


Meeting with yourself: Day 9 (let go)
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