got stuckDay 3:

  • Got stuck?
  • Take an alternative route!
    It might take you to a place where you will learn something new, that will help you in the long term!
  • What other alternate routes could be available? 


What many people don’t realize is that being stressed out could actually mean that you’re stuck in your own beliefs, which don’t serve you anymore.  There are so many options you can consider and move toward to, but only if you allow yourself to “go” there. No one else can decide for you!

The beauty of this process:  it opens you again to the flow of life, so you can enjoy it more. And you might even get some cool surprises in the process … discovering a better version of you! 🙂

Check it out:

  • In what situation do you feel stuck?
  • What “alternative” route can you take?

~ Gabriela

Meeting With Yourself: Day 3 (got stuck?)

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