springDay 26:

  • “Spring” is coming, are you getting ready? 
  • Do you pay attention to your physical strength, exercising and eating properly?

If it’s “Winter” time in your life (you’re going through a difficult situation right now), keep in mind that Nature is working in cycles … and so our lives … if we keep our limiting beliefs at bay.

“Spring” is coming your way too, why not preparing yourself to be ready when it shows up?

Eating well and exercising are just a few things you can do to keep yourself in good shape and ready to hit off when then “Sun” will shine again on your “street”.

Something else to consider is: getting ready … mentally! Believing that “Spring” IS coming will raise your spirit, and motivate you to actually do exercise and eat more healthy.

How are you preparing for “Spring”?

~ Gabriela

Meeting with yourself: Day 26

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