intuitionDay 19:

  • How often do you ask someone for advice or network with people around you?
  • How often do you pay attention to your own intuition?

I was reading recently on the Internet that asking for advice makes you look smarter. I don’t know how true that is, but you could get some interesting answers by asking. Whether you’ll implement the advice ad litteram or not, asking for advice is a way of allowing more information to come your way so you can better understand what choices you have.

Another way is to pay attention to your intuition. No matter how good you are now at capturing and interpreting the information received this way, practicing will make you a better listener. And having access to your intuition is like having a reliable compass with you all the time!

How often do you rely on your intuition?

~ Gabriela

Meeting with yourself: Day 19 (intuition)
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