singleDay 18:

  • Look for the beauty and learn from everything, even if it looks “dark” and “cold”.

For example:

  • What’s good about being single? You have the opportunity to spend more time with yourself, to (re)discover what’s important to you, what you want, what’s working or not, etc.
  • What’s good about debt?! It forces you to pay attention to your spending and investing, to understand the mindset of successful people, etc.

Awhile ago I did a series of workshops on relationships. At one point, I divided the whiteboard into two columns and wrote “Single” and “Married” on the top of each. Then I asked participants to think about what’s positive about being single, and about being married. Another similar exercise followed, this time considering the challenges of being single and married.

“What do you notice?”, I’ve asked at the end.

They found many things positive and challenging on both sides. It was quite eye-opening for some of the participants!

No matter what category people found themselves in, many people tend to look at the other category with envy, unhappy because they aren’t on the other side. This way of living your life is only making you feel more disappointed about life, draining your energy … which could head you on to a downward spiral.

What do you need to see the beauty and learn from each situation, taking actions according to what you want …  instead of what you don’t?

~ Gabriela

Meeting with yourself: Day 18 (single)
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