meditationDay 15:

  • How often do you quiet your mind?
  • Most people keep their mind busy: worrying, analyzing, thinking …
  • No wonder they lack ideas, feel tired, hopeless …
  • Are you one of them?

Research shows that meditating has many benefits, but I’d like to talk about what I’ve got from my 9 years experience with meditation:

  • I am more accepting, acting less based on impulse (triggered by what others say or do) and more from a respectful place of accepting the differences between us, even when I disagree.
  • When I’m stressed or lacking ideas, meditation is my first “refuge”. I always come out of it with a new perspective about what’s going on, even with fresh ideas about my next steps.
  • In time, it helped me tame my Monkey Mind and stop the mental chatter. Thus being able to be more often in the moment, enjoying what I already have and what the Now is offering (that I could miss otherwise).
  • My meditations are not always the same. I focused inwardly during my meditations, and I even noticed a progression. Inner gates opening up at different levels (chakras), my energetic “bubble” expanding in all directions, energy flowing more freely through my body (through certain patterns). Signs and symbols that appeared in my meditations lead me to discover a totally different “world” (little known before).
  • Many of my meditations are also healing my body, removing energetic blockages. Pain and tension in different areas are moving away until they disappear.
  • I feel happier, more peaceful and relaxed, ready to tackle my life challenges with renewed energy after each meditation.

What is your experience with meditation?

~ Gabriela

Meeting with yourself: Day 15 (meditation)

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