say NoDay 14:

  • Is someone or something stopping you?! Think again!
  • How often do you say “Yes” when you really want to say “No”?
  • Do you often communicate what you want?
  • How focused are you on your intention?
  • Can you make quick decisions?

It’s easier to blame others or something for not achieving what we want. But if we’re really honest with ourselves, we can notice our own patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that stay in our way.

Saying “Yes” when you actually want to say “No” has, in fact, a more positive outcome than what we think in the moment. It portrays a better image of who we really are and what we think, which will help others to better understand us. And, in long term, it even serves us to filter out those people or what we don’t want in our life (which was slowing us down or even blocking us).

Saying “No” is much easier when we focus on how we can say it in a respectful and polite way, instead of focusing on what the other will think about us. Being a people pleaser won’t serve any of us.

Communicating what we want, or don’t want, invites others to help us … the way we want and need! Most people like to help, why not giving them the chance to do it?

Being able to make quick decisions allows us to seize new opportunities, instead of letting them pass by. We could always make a better decision later if this one didn’t turn out very well.

As you see, there are many things you can do to move you forward, instead of shutting yourself in the foot by blaming others or something.

Which one are you doing more often? And what can you do about it?

~ Gabriela



Meeting with Yourself: Day 14 (say No)

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