phantomsDay 24:

  • Do you allow the phantoms from the past to haunt you, and influence your life?
    • “I was told that …”
    • “My teacher said …”
    • “I was never good at …”, and so on.
  • Who can guarantee that those opinions are right?
  • Or that you haven’t changed?

Throughout the years, we’re told many things about how we are. Some were positive, some not. Some stuck with us, some didn’t. But those heard during the childhood were the most sticky ones because they came in a period of time when we didn’t have the capacity of questioning the status quo or to find if there’s any truth behind those words.

As adults, we have the capacity to question what we consider (or were thought it is) the status quo. Have you developed it in a habit?

Making it a habit is an important part of creating a more fulfilling life. Otherwise, you just live a life based on the phantoms of the past. They are patterns imposed by others or yourself (earlier in your life), which might limit you … BIG TIME!

I’ll let you choose how you want to live our life. 🙂

~ Gabriela


Meeting with yourself: Day 24 (phantoms)

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