The entire world was surprised to hear about Michael Jackson’s death, he was planning his London concerts. He was, without doubt, a great musician and performer, which changed the entertainment world! He will be remembered many years from now, the King of Pop! Rest in peace Michael!

I heard again his song “Heal the World” a year ago, right out of a healing session (Breath Work). It was so profound! Talking with my roommate, I realized that other Americans didn’t share my experience, allowing other aspects of Michael’s life (so published in the media) to shadow his talents.

That song touched me so much that I felt the need to listen it very often during the next month, while preparing to go to Egypt with James Arthur Ray and other members of the World Wealth Society (James’ inner circle). My experiences from that Egypt excursion are not easy to describe in words: crying without any reason, releasing anger by shouting it out loud in the Lower Chamber of the Great Pyramid (that corresponds to Unconscious Mind), hearing an internal voice guiding me and providing insights while meditating between the Sphinx Paws or laying in the sarcophagus of the King Chamber/ Great Pyramid (that corresponds to Higher Conscious Mind). The energy of the place was so intense, that my body shook all the time while visiting the Sphinx – Pyramids Plateau. The healing that took place in that excursion (with all those strange experiences), made my body very flexible; the heat make it weak as well.. it took me three months to regain my strength, and soon after I began to be flooded with great ideas for my business (my focus at that time). I had to start exercising to help my muscles better control the too flexible articulations. My understanding is that we stock our negative emotions in muscles and joints; while releasing those emotions (through a healing process, for example), our body regains its flexibility.. like it is supposed to be. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “a flexible body equals a flexible mind” or some variation of it. The energy flows easily though a flexible body, allowing new ideas to help us achieve much more in this constant changing world, full of challenges!

These days, looking again to Michael’s videos, I’m even more amazed by his flexibility and the control of his movements. Could a person with such a talent, great voice, performing ideas and performance, be the one that media portrayed in the last years?! Deepak Chopra was his friend in the last 20 years: “As a performer and singer, Michael was unsurpassed. He took millions of people, including my children and me, into an ecstatic state. He had many great qualities as an individual and I have always felt he was greatly misunderstood, and many people were not fully aware of a Jackson who really cared for his fellow beings.” Even Chopra’s son, Gotham, shared with us a wonderful image of his friend Michael:

My guess is the world judged Michael based on the perception created by the media, and all this, like a boomerang, had a negative impact on Michael himself – being such a sensitive person (like any artist). Who knows what’s the real truth?!

My questions to all of us:

What do we need to focus on our strengths, beauty and talents and do the same about others? By failing this, we might frustrate ourselves of happiness and induce the same in those around us!

How often are we judging others? Judging doesn’t help anyone, including us! It might shadow the real talents and we might not even realize how much we miss them! In his song “Childhood”, Michael Jackson said beautifully: “Before you judge me, try hard to love me!

What are those parts of ourselves that we didn’t start to love and embrace? They take a huge toll on our lives, without even knowing it. Participants in my workshops understand better what I mean.


Gabriela Casineanu, M.Eng, MBA, ACC, ORSC

Michael Jackson … my point of view
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