Since I love nature and take lots of pictures, I occasionally noticed that some of them “speak” … at least to me! 🙂

In 2009, three years after I start my coaching practice, I began to feel frustrated that many people don’t know what coaching is and what to expect from it. So I put together several “speaking” photos and the thoughts inspired by them, creating the first Photo-Coaching album as an invitation to self-reflection. It was in a “Meeting with My Self” during a weekend, that

I put all these together … because I felt inspired to take this concept into the world. I wanted to make intangible coaching concepts more tangible by combining visuals with powerful coaching questions and help people to apply them in their own life.

Encouraged by the profound mindset shifts that occurred in those who used the first Photo-Coaching album, in 2012 I created another one (about relationships).

Soon after, life got in the way and I put the Photo-Coaching project aside. Although I had so many ideas about how it could unfold.

Now I’m inspired to give it a new life as a series of published books. This way I can help more people while focusing on creating more books for the Photo-Coaching series (each designed around a specific theme).

As you probably noticed, I started to combine images and text even before Instagram was launched. 🙂

“Meeting With My Self: Self-Coaching Questions That Invite the Wisdom In” is the first book in the Photo-Coaching series, and is almost ready to be launched in Kindle format on  Amazon!

I’m so passionate about this project. Wouldn’t you if you receive such review?

“I first used this book when I had lost my job due to the downturn in the economy. At first, I just felt better about myself while going through it. Then as I made it a daily practice to watch it, and my intention becoming clearer, I began to change the way I thought about my circumstances. Instead of grieve, I began to think of the possibilities. I realized I was limiting myself and I have so much more to offer. By viewing it daily it helped me to shed the bits of information from others who were trying to “help” but their ideas were not in line with my vision for myself. Without having a clear intention each day, all my tasks seemed huge and overwhelming. Now I can focus and accomplish my smaller steps realizing how they are bringing me closer to my goal. This Photo-Coaching book helped me to stop whirling around in circles and to create a map of where I want my life to go.”

~ Amy Leclercq

I’m a few days away from publishing this little but powerful book!

Stay tuned. 🙂


“Meeting With My Self” … new book is coming! 🙂
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