Looking back at my life, what an interesting journey!

From the NOW perspective, every past event has a different meaning that it had at that time. It makes more sense now; it taught me lessons that I didn’t believe or apply when I heard them from others or books. Nothing can replace our own experiences, and their chain helped us become who we are now. Can you believe this?

I was talking few days ago with someone, and noticed how stressed she is for the things that are happening in her life, or had happen.

– I can’t do anything about this… and that… they are out of my control, she told me.

– Well, let’s see. Please choose an example to discuss.

– There is a process in court; it’s out of my control, she said. It’s based on something from the past, and I have to continue to poor money into it.

– What’s good about this situation?

– Nothing!!! She replied quickly, raising her voice.

– Please calm down, put “nothing” aside, and let’s see what could be good about this situation.

– There’s nothing good in it, I told you!

– And I heard you from the first time, but since you gave me so quickly the answer, I assume you already have it in your mind; you didn’t wait to see what new thoughts you could get in this moment. Please relax, and let’s try together to see what could be good about this situation.

After a few seconds, I asked again:

– Who did you become by going through this tough situation? What are the good things that happen since it started?

– Well, the only good thing I can notice it’s that it made me think about myself, and put more focus on taking care of my health.

– Wow, that’s a major one!!! Can you imagine where you could be if this situation didn’t trigger more self care?! What else taught you this situation? Please take a moment to catch your new thoughts.

– Hmm, maybe I should be more flexible; I’m too stubborn.

– Another good one! Anything else?

– But why do I have to pay money, while going through all this?

– Maybe it’s your tuition for your life lessons. Did you pay attention to learn them earlier, when you had signs without having to pay?

– I guess not, I didn’t pay attention to any signs. A similar situation happened to me before; I blamed others, and I felt a victim. Oups, I was reacting the same this time too, until you made me see it from a different perspective. Thanks!

The situations you attract in your life are given to you, to teach you certain things that you need to learn to become a bigger person. How often do you pay attention to the Universe’s messages, and learn from your own experiences? They are your biggest teacher, and the most wise: it teaches you what you specifically need at that moment.

Gabriela Casineanu, ACC, ORSC

Life as a Journey
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