free chapter Curious why I’m writing a book on effective job search for introverts?

Last year, I was struggling with voice problems. Almost a month after they’ve started, there was no progress toward recovering. I also had voice problems the previous year, but within a month my voice was back. This time, I was so exhausted from all the daily workshops and coaching that my body seemed too weak to recover.

One day, a first alarming thought that crossed my mind: What would I do if I cannot speak again the rest of my life? Another thought followed almost instantly: Write an introvert’s guide to job search! I was in WOW! Never thought of this before, and it made so much sense! During the last 10 years, I coached and helped people find jobs, noticing that introverts were the most challenged. As an introvert myself, the idea of reaching out to even more introverts this way was quite exciting!!!

So, I start writing the book “Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search”. Unexpectedly, this process also speeded up my recovery. Our minds are so powerful!

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“I’ve read the chapter 4 and fell in love!!! Very well written, clear explanations and makes so much sense! I liked the Wheel of Job Search because we never think about job hunting this way. Like you said, we usually focus only on the resume but there are so many other excellent solutions! Looking forward to reading chapter 5.”

Chapter 4

Natalia is one of the beta-testers who gives me feedback, reading chapter by chapter (as I write them). Click here to get the Chapter 4.

Feel free to send me your comments as well, or questions you’d like me to answer in this book.



Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search (book)
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