I wrote this yesterday, on my way home, after giving a workshop. One of the participants was very negative: that type of “I know it all”, “I tried it all and it doesn’t work”, “It’s not about me, it’s about them”, etc. 

Freedom is a state of mind, not something to acquire or work hard to get it. Acknowledging that we always have options, and we’re free to choose what we prefer (in that particular situation) is the pure form of freedom! Each choice could take us further or lock us more into the current state.

Making general affirmations won’t take us anywhere: I know it is (this) way, I tried it all, etc. All they do is keeping us stuck in the image we formed in our minds, believing that nothing else could happen. In a world in constant change, and with our limited access to what is beyond our perception … those general affirmations or  fixed ideas are nothing than blinds we put around our eyes… to hide all the others options that we might have otherwise. Choice is our freedom! And believing in positive outcomes is our way to “look” beyond our perception, and attract those positive situations in our life. 

Gabriela Casineanu, ThoughtsDesigner.com


Freedom is a state of mind

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