Gabriela’s desire to help other authors and aspiring authors arose while getting in touch with them in different groups. Her technical background, combined with a business and coaching perspective, allows her to design a customized approach to book promotion and author marketing.
Creative people, including authors, are often faced with decisions to make. Pondering too many ideas and options, without enough clarity, can slow down the creative process.

Let Gabriela help you reconnect with your intuition to make the best decisions, and design a customized marketing approach for your book and author profile!

What clients say:

“Gabriela is truly a masterful coach. Her intuitive coaching method helped me discover options for my business that no other method had unearthed. Consider yourself very lucky if you feel called to work with her. She will guide you to the true core of your business and help you get in touch with your purpose at a very deep level.”
Rebecca Cuevas
Founder & CEO 
Learn and Get Smarter, Inc,/ Author of upcoming book “Teach Anything To Anyone Online”
What I appreciate most about Gabriela is that she cuts right to the chase by intuitively directing your attention to the solution. She does it in a forthright, practical way that empowers you to make a decision you feel great about.
Louise van Niekerk
Life Skills Coach/ Aspiring author
“I just did a Zoom hangout with Gabriela Casineanu about my Linkedin profile. She was/is amazing. Her knowledge is so good and steered me in the right direction to change up my “oh so boring” profile. She’s going to do some “cleaning up” while I add some other fun stuff and a video too. For any of you needing Linkedin guidance, she is your girl. Check her out and send her a message.”
Cheryl Smith
Coach/ Speaker/ Bestselling author of 
What’s in the Panties? Understanding the psyche of a woman one panty at a time
“Gabriela gave me some really helpful tips in a recent call, about how to move forward with my book promotion.”
Liane Grant
Translator/ Bestselling author of 
Schedule Your Dream: 8 steps to maximizing your time and mobilizing your vision
“Gabriela is one of our resident Tech Guru. She is very good at what she does.”
Sean Sumner
Self-Publishing School Community Manager/ Bestselling author

Some examples of how Gabriela was able to help:

• After struggling for months to figure out which pen name to choose, the upcoming author was able to decide (and be happy with her decision) by the end of a coaching exercise.
• Another author was in the process of creating a course to accompany the book when she reached out. The session revealed some important points that made the whole process easier.
• Becoming a bestseller is not enough to get book sales month after month. By using probing questions, her marketing experience and intuitive insights, Gabriela helped an author to create a customized and targeted marketing plan for her book.
• Fear, writing block and procrastination are the writers’ “friends”. But they run away when Gabriela relied on coaching concepts and techniques.
• On the business side, she helped many authors understand how to use Linkedin to increase their visibility and promote their books, create landing pages with Leadpages, use email providers (ConvertKit, MailerLite, MailChimp) to build their lists, build author WordPress websites, and edit images for promo materials.
• Publishing and launching the first book could be overwhelming with all the information involved. With her eagle view perspective on this process and two bestselling books, Gabriela helped her clients understand what’s required and provided step by step guidance.
• Publishing a book in different formats and on various platforms can increase sales. She was able to publish her book for introverts and job search on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, iTunes, Audible and make it available through Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo and Overdrive (for libraries)… and she also helped other authors understand how to do the same.