At the last EFTC meeting, I was asked if I believe in Santa. I used to believe, when I was a little girl, until my sister discovered that “Santa” was our neighbour (since their hands were very similar). 🙂
Since then, I believe in “Santa’s spirit”. It’s a wonderful time of the year, that forces us to be joyful, to turn to each other, to enjoy the beautiful Christmas Carols…
In few words: to set aside the challenges of day to day life and focus more on our relationships (with others and our-self)! They are so precious, and we often forget about them in the whirlpool of our busy life!
It helps us to put things in perspective, to better understand what is really important to us: money or what they could bring to us?! A smile, feeling good, learn something new…? These experiences don’t need a lot of money anyway.
There are so many ways to offer gifts, and non-material gifts are even more touching! How often do we give or receive these type of gifts? Like the one of the little drummer boy to Jesus.
When you have less money, you can turn to your creativity to help you… instead of feeling frustrated by not having them.

I challenge you this Holidays season to become more creative with the gifts you offer, and to spend more quality time with loved ones … including yourself! Since you’re the biggest resource that you have, what can you offer this Holidays season to yourself and others from your own “Creativity bag” ? 🙂

Please share it here, to help others get new ideas as well.

Happy Holidays! 🙂

Do you believe in Santa? 🙂

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