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The book Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths For An Effective Job Search will be published in the second half of June.

Meantime, let me introduce myself and the book:

I’m Gabriela Casineanu, an introvert who navigated successfully several career transitions over the years: Engineering, Quality Assurance, IT Programming, Program Coordination, Professional Coaching, Employment Counselling, Business and even Art. 

During the last 7 years I’ve helped over 1200 of job seekers (mainly introverts) through individual coaching, simulation interviews, and job search related workshops that I’ve designed and facilitated: How your own mindset affects the job search results, Attitudes for Effective Communication, Moving Your Career Forward, Effective Job Search Strategies, Job Search Tools (targeted resume, cover letter), Using Social Media for Job Search, and Tips for a Successful Interview.

free chapter Introverts job searchI’ve also organized three bilingual job fairs, being in touch with employers and recruiters, which helped me understand their perspective.

I wrote this book based on the experience and knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years, and the feedback received from my clients who successfully applied the concepts and strategies presented in this book.

The purpose of the book is to help the introverted job seekers become more successful in a world where extroverted behaviour is more appreciated.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Section One (Preparation) presents a more holistic approach to job search, which is often overlooked. Through exercises and concepts you might not be familiar with, this section helps you lay out the foundation and identify what you’re missing to be more successful in your job hunting process.
  • Section Two (Job Search for Introverts) is full of tips and strategies for each phase of the job search process, to help you become more effective by using your introvert strengths. It also contains a lot of examples and case studies about job seekers who were successful by using the information presented in this book.
  • Section Three (What’s Next) helps you understand what to do after you get the job, considering it a stepping stone meant to help you build the career you want. It will also show you how to integrate more smoothly into the new work environment and provides tips for managing your energy while working so you can also focus on your Plan B (creating the conditions for your next career step).

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