We’re at St. Clair subway station. An investigation has stated by a passenger hitting the alarm button. It’s so crowded inside, I don’t feel comfortable waiting here. “Excuse me… excuse me …” I make my way out. Outside, a bright sunny day with a nice breeze invites to a morning walk. Waiting for the bus to get to work, I checked my daily agenda: “Listen to Irina’s new song” was yesterday. Oups, I forgot … again! I fell asleep, too tired to check my agenda.
I put on the headphones, connect them to the phone, and start losing myself in my daughter’s new song: “Candlelight Memories”. Love, love, loooove it!!!! Waves of love are invading my heart, opening it more and more … a smile shows up on my face triggered by an inner happiness (didn’t care if others are looking). Oooh… I love this playful part… and the crescendo from the second half gives me goospumps! I can’t have enough of her song, listening it again … and again … until I reach the destination. Now starting my work day with a big smile on my face, and a very open … loving … heart! 🙂

What’s your reaction to my daughter’s “Candlelight Memories”?

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“Candlelight Memories”
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