Have you ever thought that receiving is another way of giving? Giving to the other the pleasure of giving. Accepting help goes in the same category.
If you like more to give than to receive or you don’t like to accept help from others, here’s a different perspective: how does the other person feel when you don’t receive/ accept the help offered? He might not want to offer anything another time.
It’s good to open ourselves more, to receive and accept more. We never know what we get with this attitude, instead of turning people off.

In Canada people like to pay it forward: if they want to help someone, they don’t expect anything in return. And the person helped could help someone else later on. That happened to me here, in Canada; it took me a while to get it.. but now I really love this concept.. and I use it!

Please ponder this for a while and draw your own conclusions.


Gabriela Casineanu, M.Eng, MBA, ACC, ORSC



Are you a giver or receiver?
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