mockup_3LR_m_blancIn the free e-book The 3 Levels of Reality: A Doorway to Happiness, I’ve described the concept “3 Levels of Reality” (3LR), and the associated process that could help us become happier and more successful (the way we define success).

It’s a quick read (10 pages with many visuals) that introduces you to this amazingly simple yet powerful concept that changed my life. I’ve used it consciously many times since I’ve learned it: to make the desired career change, to pull me up in tough situations (like being laid off when I didn’t have any money put aside, plus a huge debt and mortgage to pay), to get myself out of debt, to improve my relationships, grow my business, and so on.
It could help you as well!
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Warning! This process works with both positive and negative thoughts, so you better learn how to bring forth into reality your great thoughts and ideas (instead of feeding the negative ones and get frustrated).

After reading this e-book, please comment here so I can answer your questions and add more details about when this process works best, and what could block it — like I did when Cati asked how the process applies in her case (see my answer below).

Looking forward to our discussion here! 🙂

The 3 Levels of Reality Process
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4 thoughts on “The 3 Levels of Reality Process

  • April 13, 2016 at 12:43 am

    Gabriella the concept you are presenting is a very natural one and you put words on it and broke its steps down which is bringing awareness to what we do or want to accomplish. For me, I realize it works this way but i am not totally aware of it. In fact, it usually works best when I don’t really “think about it” and when I go with the flow with my ideas and passions or projects. When I let go, then the implementation phase is something I see as a “mechanical” cog and if my purpose is strong enough I make it happen whatever it takes. In my case, as soon as I start putting a mental dose of thinking (at least for me) i am more prone to lose it. And I can be very mental too…. Like right now, being multi passionate, and yet feeling like no expert in no field (which is probably wrong ), I get completely stuck in this BSchool process so in my “dreaming level” my “why”. I know I want something but I am not fully aware of what it is yet as i get many “feelings”, “ideas” but cannot seem to completely settle on it, and of course with the little imps saboteurs alongside. How could you method help ?

    • April 13, 2016 at 11:46 pm

      Great question, Cati! Thanks for asking! 🙂

      I was waiting for such a question to elaborate more on this topic, why I found it so powerful. That’s why I didn’t include this part in the e-book (yet). It’s a long answer, but I hope it helps.

      I totally agree with you that it is a natural process that works best when we go with the flow.
      Yet, becoming more aware of this process (my reason for writing this e-book), makes us better understand in what phase we are when it unfolds, going through it more consciously. And if we get stuck somewhere in the Dreaming level, we can look from different perspectives to see what could help us get back to going with the flow. Otherwise, we might get frustrated (which could make the process longer), or give even up before we get into Consensus Reality (which, of course, won’t get us there!).

      When I said “thinking about it” (in Dreaming Level), I meant reconnecting often with the original idea (bringing it back in our mind, visualizing as it is already real).

      Along the way, we might lose motivation if it takes more than we expect if others keep telling us that’s not a good idea and we start doubting ourselves, etc. When we reconnect often with the original idea, we get more motivated, more inspired with the right actions to take (that align with it), more energetic to actually take those actions, synchronicity and opportunities show up … all these meaning, in fact, going with the flow, which leads to results.
      Like you said, when your purpose is strong enough you can make it happen whatever it takes.

      By “think about it” I didn’t mean analyzing (like when you need to solve a problem).

      Let’s discuss the TIME aspect related to the Dreaming Level: the duration of this phase. No one can say how long it takes to get into Consensus Reality (if we do get there), because it depends on many factors: how clear we are about what we want, how we feel during this phase (positive, even if we don’t see something palpable yet – or – frustrated, because we don’t see any progress yet), what actions we take, how we take them (with confidence? or doubt?), what we do to keep the negative feelings at bay during this phase, how much do we trust the process, etc. I said if we get to Consensus Reality, because some people stop during the Dreaming Level.

      Now coming back to your question, let’s look at different elements you brought in:

      1. “Being multi-passionate, and yet feeling like no expert in no field (which is probably wrong)”:

      Of course it is wrong, at least you seem to be aware that it is (since you mentioned it). 🙂
      My question: Do you experience positive or negative feelings when you say that you’re not an expert? If they are negative, it means you’re moving against the flow, blocking it, while sabotaging yourself (not allowing yourself to see more clearly what you want).
      May I ask what you mean by “expert”? As far as I know, no one knows it all. Even those who are considered experts are still learning, yet they didn’t become experts overnight. Where do you put your attention on: Comparing yourself to people who know more than your and feeling less than them? Or acknowledging there are people who might want your product and services? Where you put your attention (what perspective you choose to hold in your mind) can make you feel powerless or powerful. While the second brings you in the flow, the first one if blocking you. Which one you (consciously) choose and stay more focused on during the Dreaming Level?

      2. “I get completely stuck in this BSchool process so in my “dreaming level” my “why”. I know I want something but I am not fully aware of what it is yet. As I get many “feelings”, “ideas” but cannot seem to completely settle on it”.

      My question: How do you react at the lack of clarity, not being fully aware what it is yet? Not completely settle on it? Do you get frustrated because you want to know it NOW?

      Because if you are getting frustrated, you’re blocking your connection with your intuition – which could bring you more details if you put the frustration aside. Intuition “lights” us when we are relaxed, it cannot be forced. What if it’s not the time yet to get that kind of clarity you are looking for NOW? Maybe you need something to happen / get an information before becoming fully aware? Maybe the idea is there, but you’re blocking it with logical thinking? Maybe you’re afraid to settle on one to start with (bring the rest of them along the way)? Maybe you need to be in this “not fully aware” phase NOW before you’re getting to the “Aha” moment? Maybe you need to learn to be more patient?
      Without more details, I cannot know which of these “maybe” is. Does any resonate with you?

      There could be other“maybe”, but what I want you to consider: you are in the right place where you need to be right NOW. Let go of any pressure you put on yourself because pressure brings negative feelings. Do whatever you know that helps you relax deeply (physically and mentally).

      I have a feeling that you put a lot of pressure on yourself to come up with something. You already have something, you just said: “I know I want something”. So relax. Give this “something” a label/ name, and ask it to help you with more details. Give it time to reveal to you, and do other things meanwhile (B-School has so much information that we can absorb until we get really clear on what we want). I look at B-School as an iterative process.

      I don’t beat myself if I don’t have all the answers NOW, do you? More info I get, more makes me rethink my previous answers. To spare myself of hustle, I trust that this process will help me figure all out – meanwhile, I chose the “World” view for my ICA to continue on something, trusting that details will show up when needed. This trusting means, to me, going with the flow.

      3. “And of course with the little imps saboteurs alongside.”
      Oh, the saboteurs! 🙂 They are our friends, even they are not so skillful at showing it. The saboteurs show up when we’re up for a change. And you are, since you’re in B-School, right?! 🙂 They want to keep us safe, so when they see a change coming, they show up to warn us to proceed carefully (instead of jumping head on taking too big risks). They are coming to warn us that some beliefs we had up to now might not serve us anymore if we really want to move in the new direction. They are coming to test us if we’re really committed to going in that direction. They are like inertia: when we move in a new direction, we need a little extra motivation and strength to make the switch and some time to get momentum in the new direction. Since they show up, it means that we’re in for something big, or too risky (physically). If it’s not the second case, you can proceed with baby steps, knowing that the path will unfold (don’t need to know NOW all the steps).

      Is it clearer now how the 3 Levels of Reality method could help? Let me recap:

      Trust that the process works, even if you’re not fully aware NOW of the details regarding what you want, or settled on something. You are still in the process, the details will show up if you trust.
      You got the idea that you want “something”, so get more relaxed to allow the inspired ideas and synchronicities to help you figure this out. Do something to help you relax physically and mentally, and make it a daily practice – to allow yourself to go with the flow (and not blocking it with stress or overthinking). With the high quantity of information from B-School our minds could get easily overwhelmed and we get tired – and this affects our awareness.
      Stay positive no matter what, if you want to get “there” sooner. Become aware and notice your negative thoughts or feelings along the day – put them aside, knowing they just take you away from going with the flow … then switch to more positive thoughts, or visualize yourself several years from now (when all this hustle is way behind). Our mind has a tendency to go easily into negative, so we need to consciously focus on positive. When I’ve learned this process, I draw the 3 Levels of Reality on a big sheet of paper and stick it on a door … to remind me that it’s a process and I shouldn’t allow negative thoughts get in my way.
      Thank the saboteurs they’re showing up, because it means you’re moving in the good direction. Ask them to be more skillfully in the way they communicate with you. 🙂

      I too had (still have) a lot of ideas, but I let it all go when my ICA didn’t show up. Then I went for a long walk in nature, not thinking about it at all, trusting the process. The next day an ICA did come to me easily. When I start looking into it, I recognized a (limiting) belief. Removed it, and a new ICA showed up. There’s something with this one too, so I decided to go with an ICA that has the commonalities between the two and … myself (which I know best). 🙂 This decision makes me feel good, so I trust it’s a good one. It also allows me to move on with the B-School exercises, learning a lot along the process, knowing that it could be an iterative process, that I can come back any time to narrow it down more.

      I look at life as a journey and get excited about whatever challenge comes my way – because it helps me to become a better person. B-School is just an experience in this life journey full of many of 3 LR processes (for different topics) unfolding in parallel at different stages.

      Is it clearer how this method works? 🙂

      Thanks again for asking, Cati!
      I hope this helps.


  • April 14, 2016 at 12:25 am

    Gabriela you are awesome… thanks for taking the time and giving me such an exhaustive and heartful feedback on my own thoughts and issues.. I will read it again and again and try to apply – even though I know many of these things already and I do have what I call my tool kits (reiki, pranic healing, meditation, painting, writing, crafting.. you name it – I feel like a Swiss knife) – but I’m being too lazy to use them.
    You helped and You ROCK 🙂

    Cati, the Swiss Knife

    • April 14, 2016 at 8:19 am

      Thanks for the feedback, Cati the Swiss Knife! 🙂 Glad it helped! We know many things, the implementation part is the real issue for many people, since we don’t fully integrate our knowings into new habits.


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