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(Scroll down for Coaching Packages available) Do you feel there’s more to life, but don’t know how to grasp it? As an introvert, you have your own specific challenges, which are in fact life bringing you situations as opportunities for

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Workshops for Introverts

Some people prefer workshops to learn something new. Are you one of them? Some workshops are focused on bringing into your awareness new perspectives that enrich your day to day life, and help you focus on what’s more important. Other

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INTROVERTS: LEVERAGE YOUR STRENGTHS for an EFFECTIVE JOB SEARCH It feels like this book chose me to be written. Until last summer I had no idea I will start writing a book, but when the thought popped into my mind …

Meet Gabriela CasineanuGabriela Casineanu

An introvert myself, I navigated successfully many life challenges (abusive behaviour, divorce, single mom, settling in a new country, career changes, entrepreneurship ... to name a few). Since my career change to Coaching in 2006, I helped thousands of people improve their lives.

Why I love to work with introverts? We connect at a deeper level, making it easier to help them turn every situation into a self-discovery & learning opportunity, and to come up with their own solutions. In a society that appreciates more the extroverted behaviour, I'm on a mission of building a better world by tapping into introverts' wisdom and talents. We have a lot to offer to this world, we only need to find our way to navigate through it with integrity and authenticity.

Applying coaching to myself sharpened my intuition and increased my creativity, leading to artistic expressions. I have a daily meditation practice since 2007, love nature, photography, outdoors activities (hiking, skiing, biking), visiting sacred places, the Holographic Universe concept and wearing that turquoise ski jacket. :-)

Curious about my credentials?

  • Certified Coach by International Coach Federation in 2008
  • Trained in Co-Active Coaching and Organisation & Relationship Systems Coaching by two prestigious coach training schools from USA
  • Masters in Engineering and Business Administration. (Yes, I quit the corporate world and the engineering position to embark on the path of heart!)
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    Meet Gabriela Casineanu
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Released stress and frustration
  • Improved their relationships
  • More clarity and peace of mind
  • Found courage to become a parent
  • Improved relationship with themselves
  • Attracted a partner into their life
  • Eliminated procrastination
  • Determination to proactively follow their dreams
  • Let go of fears and beliefs that don't serve them anymore
  • Overcame life challenges (divorce, unemployment)
  • Learned new concepts and useful techniques for self-coaching
  • Became aware of their inner force and its unlimited potential
  • Tapped into the intelligence of the relationships system to find their own solutions
  • Enjoy life from a more empowering perspective
  • and more ...
  • What clients are saying

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    melania~ People learn to be their own coach/therapist in the future ~

    "You are very intuitive and open minded, which gives you a great insight into understanding people on a deeper level. You have a great capacity to turn every situation into a self-discovery and learning opportunity, which helps your clients come up with their own solutions for their problems. Moreover, by focusing on developing skills and teaching various techniques to your clients, you empower and help them learn to be their own coach/therapist in the future. Overall, you are a great and inspiring coach!"

    Melania Lumezanu, B.A Psych., M. ADS

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